Fisher River Solar Farm

Fisher River Pisim Wastinohk Kistikewin – Solar Farm, a pioneering venture that harnesses the power of the sun to create sustainable energy solutions. Nestled amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Fisher River, our solar farm stands tall as a symbol of environmental stewardship and progress. With vast arrays of solar panels, we are committed to generating clean and renewable energy, reducing carbon emissions, and preserving our planet for future generations.

This is an historic project, being the first Indigenous-owned, utility-scale solar farm in Canada and the largest solar project in Manitoba. Our own community members excelled in constructing the project well ahead of schedule and with the highest quality. The 3000 solar panels will generate energy for sale to Manitoba Hydro for the next 30 years. Fisher River Cree Nation is the first to build a project of this scale, and quite naturally we faced many technical challenges and delays that we could not control, but which we ultimately overcame.

The Fisher River Cree Nation project set a precedent for renewable energy across Turtle Island and has opened the door for more Indigenous community-owned solar projects elsewhere in Canada.

The project of this nature must be community driven to develop a community oriented solar farm strategy that not only optimizes energy efficiencies in the current and future building stock, but also which becomes a source of pride for all community members.

Phase 1:

• Over 2900 Heliene Tier 1 solar panels- Made in Canada
• 1.45 GigaWatt hours per year
• Enough to power 350-400 homes
• A dozen FRCN members trained & certified
• 5 full days to get the panels on