Fisher River Car Wash & Laundromat

The Fisher River Economic Development opened a coin-operated car wash and laundromat that will service Fisher River and surrounding communities.

The car wash consists of two interior wash bays and one exterior wash pad for larger vehicles and buses. Each wash station is equipped with a high pressure wand, foam brush and vacuum. All the equipment is coin operated.

The laundromat consists of 10 coin operated washers and dryers and offers on-site washing/folding services at a cost.

The mission of the Car Wash and Laundromat is to provide convenient, clean and friendly service for Fisher River and the surrounding communities. The Car Wash and Laundromat will work to keep customer satisfaction with reliable equipment and exceptional customer service.

Goal & Objective
The main goal of the Car Wash and Laundromat entity is to retain repeat business from local customers and obtain customer loyalty. The business will continue to enhance its products and services by upgrading equipment efficiency and employee’s expertise.


Chantel Greene – Supervisor
(204) 308 – 1607